Takeda Laboratory aims to discover and solve real-life problems from a variety of perspectives. Currently, there are three divisions to the lab: Cyber security, High Maneuver Drone Development, and Web application. The cybersecurity group researches advanced security and management of information systems, as well as issues of privacy. The web application group researches any web related technology. The high maneuver drone development group develops high mobility drones, and researches the controlling of physical devices through the participation in FPV(First Person View) drone races. These three groups are not definite; as new fields of studies emerge, new groups will be formed accordingly.


Keiji Takeda

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Newcomers are welcome!

If you would like to participate in the Keiji Takeda laboratory, please attend the first class of the semester. Auditing the laboratory is welcome at any time.

Newcomers’ Challenge

For those who participate in this laboratory for the first time. Once this assignment is completed, students can participate in the various research activities in next semester onwards. For those in the high maneuver drone development group, passing the Quaternary Amateur Radio licensing exam is the newcomers’ challenge.

Past Newcomers’ Challenges (Cybersecurity/Web Application groups)

Fixing DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities and performing data analysis(2016 Spring Semester)
Testing basic knowledge on information technology and creating an online forum for information sharing(2014 Fall Semester)